The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia (EFGA) is the only health agency in Georgia which specifically works to improve the quality of life for those living with epilepsy and seizure disorders, as well as their families.

• Educational Programs

EFGA provides free educational in-services on seizure recognition/first aid at schools, daycare centers, developmental disability facilities, senior centers and in the workplace. 

• Support Groups 

Living with a chronic condition is easier when you can share with others who are in a similar situation. The EFGA has 6 support groups meeting on a monthly basis throughout the state. We also offer online e-communities for those with transportation issues. 

• StudioE: Art Therapy Program

StudioE offers group art therapy sessions for adults (18+) with epilepsy, allowing them to explore their creativity, meet others with epilepsy and express themselves in an open, accepting and safe group setting. Art is a natural way to communicate, relieve tension and express emotions. 

• Uber Partnership

EFGA and Uber are joining forces to help create a program for epilepsy patients to have access to transportation at no cost. Help us to fund this program so we can begin providing valuable service to Georgian's living with epilepsy soon! Through the end of 2015, when new Uber riders enter the Promotional Code “EPILEPSY”, they will get $20 off their first Uber ride and Uber will donate $5 back to EFGA.

• Information and Referrals

Understanding epilepsy can help to reduce fear and anxiety. We have a wide variety of materials on topics concerning epilepsy including types of epilepsy, treatment options, educational/legal rights and information for caregivers. We can also provide referrals to epilepsy specialists or other agencies that might provide a service not covered by EFGA.

• Emergency Medication Fund 

Often people with epilepsy have no insurance coverage and limited financial resources. The EFGA has an emergency medication fund which will provide a one month supply of the seizure control medications per patient per calendar year. Patients are then provided with assistance in enrolling in one of the drug company sponsored medication assistance programs.

• Camps

All children should have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of summer camp. EFGA offers camps which are staffed with counselors trained in seizure recognition/first aid, and also a full-time medical staff. We also provide camp scholarships for children whose families have limited financial resources.

• Advocacy

Often times people with epilepsy face barriers in the workplace, in educational institutions and in the legal arena. EFGA works to advise its clients of their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws. We also advocate for increased funding of epilepsy research through the National Institutes of Health.

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